Portugal: the perfect springboard for growing Portuguese-speaking markets in Africa.

Be successful in the fast growing Portuguese-speaking markets of Angola and Mozambique by using Portuguese talent and Portuguese executive search expertise.

Last year Portuguese-speaking markets contributed 2% of world trade and generated wealth equivalent to 4.6% of world's GDP, with steady growth rates between 7% and 8% a year.

Among these, Angola and Mozambique are indeed two of the fastest-growing economies in the African Continent, where research reveals that opportunities span across several sectors and ranks infrastructure, natural resources (coal, oil & gas, hydro), tourism, agribusiness, education & training, retail and healthcare as some of the most preeminent in the short and medium term.

Specialized market intelligence and local business sensitiveness is critical when recruiting overseas and common language and culture gives immediately an edge. Partnering with a Portuguese-based executive recruitment expert should be then seen as the perfect springboard to a successful entrance in those regions, reducing the investment risk and speeding-up results.

Since 2007 INAC Portugal has played an active role deliver critical top talent for the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa, provide tailored research expertise and support throughout all phases of executive recruitment. We accelerated business development for our global clients across multiple industries, including Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Construction, Automotive and Leisure, to name just a few.
INAC would like to invite its global clients to explore our capabilities to support their development projects in those challenging markets.

For further information and to evaluate partnering opportunities, please contact either your local INAC provider or directly to:

Rui Borges
INAC Portugal - Lisbon
Email: rui.borges@inac-global.com
Tel.: +351 21 799 8110

About INAC:
INAC is a global retained executive search organization, with more than 20 years of experience in fulfilling clients' top talent acquisition objectives. Its more than 80 offices across 45 countries are staffed with seasoned recruitment executives, specialized in diverse fields, who offer excepti
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